Portable Interactive Whiteboard System WB4600


The Oway WB4600 Interactive Whiteboard System can be used in many areas including: 

• Teaching and Educational Establishments 
• Corporate and Business Presentations 
• Sport and Leisure Training 
• Military Training and Techniques 
• Conference Facilities and Auditoriums


You are able to interact with your normal computer functions along with the added benefit of specialist writing and drawing tools via the Oway software and Oway USB Driver Adaptor. Presentations can be pre-prepared, saved for future use, edited and emailed. Web casts or video conferencing is easy with the system making it fully interactive to local and worldwide locations.

The Oway WB4600 Interactive Whiteboard System can be used of any flat surface for example a classroom wall but its best use would be on the Interactive revolving board.


Oway WB4600 is the most flexible electronic whiteboard. Its most characteristic is can make any lubricity and firm plane to be electronic whiteboard, It is a high extremity digital device which used in teaching demo, conference discuss, work report, military affairs drilling, originality process, long distance education, video meeting, long distance medical treatment and so on. It appearance is a revolution breach to the triplicity teaching pattern of blackboard, chalk, board rub which used three hundred years. It is come true to communication face to face via the Oway WB4600 mutual act white board. Each information (label, explain, illustrate, amend, sound and so on) can be written in your electron lecture, you can transfer document picture image directly to concert your tecture visualize and lively. Oway WB4600  mutual act electronic whiteboard also can satisfy the need of communicating and communion two areas via the internet network, it makes the people lives in everywhere on the world to communicate likely in a room, make it true to work cooperate with others. No ware orientation fashion is the develop direction of the electronic whiteboard.

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