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Oway Group Limited located in Dongguan city, China. Experienced in global interactive education innovation market, Oway Group Limited is envisioned to create and offer to customers our unique IT innovation Technology. Our mission is to enable schools and offices to enjoy better interactive education and presentations through the introduction and application of our interactive whiteboards, interactive module and interactive pens. Specially designed and developed to enhance every aspect of the e-learning, our interactive products provide volatile and hassle-free solutions for education, business and offices.

Smart Interactive Whiteboard WB2700

Projector Connected Interactive Whiteboard WB2200

oway portable interactive whiteboard
Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Advanced features:
 High resolution – more smooth drawing.
 Quick response time – ideal for quick drawing and writing.
 Support all Kinds of software.

 Cost effective.

Simple and easy installation method. Oway WB2700 makes the user’s investment and maintenance’s costs down to the minimum.  

Interactive projector smart boards
Interactive Whiteboard WB2200

WB2200 is an interactive whiteboard system bundled installation with projector .WB2200 made it realized that where there is a projector there is electronic whiteboard, you can transform any projecting screen into electronic whiteboard by simple equipment installation.

WB4600 – Portable Electronic Whiteboard

electronic whiteboard for interactive teaching system
Electronic Whiteboard

The Oway WB4600 Interactive Whiteboard System can be used in many areas including: 
• Teaching and Educational Establishments 
• Corporate and Business Presentations 
• Sport and Leisure Training 
• Military Training and Techniques 
• Conference Facilities and Auditoriums


WM-WB3200 Portable Interactive Whiteborad -  Interactive Presentations

IR Based interactive boards for interactive teaching system
Interactive Whiteboard WM-WB3200

Advanced features:
Superior resistance to ambient lighting.
High resolution – more smooth drawing.
Quick response time – ideal for quick drawing and writing.
All Kinds of software.

 Wall-Mount Interactive Whiteboard(WM-WB3200) is a hot-sale product from OWAY with full intellectual property rights. The key feature of this product series is that it is suitable for mounting on any normal whiteboard, and turns it into a full-function interactive whiteboard.