Simulation Chemical Laboratory

    Simulative Chemical Laboratory software is designed specially for chemical teaching,with a new concept, rigorous scientific nature and open interactivity. It is a teaching platform of chemical classes, a courseware-making platform for chemical teachers and an interactive learning platform for students. The software is made up of such three modules as Chemical Experiment Simulation Module, Three-dimension Chemical Molecular Model and Little Encyclopedia of Chemistry.

    Chemical Experiment Simulation Module creates a virtual chemical laboratory in the computer. It provides various experimental apparatus including test tube, beaker, alcohol burner, iron support, flask, conical flask, gas collecting bottle, filler and conduit, which can be used to construct various experiment devices at will and conduct a simulative chemical experiment. For example, you can construct the device of producing Chlorine in the lab, and conduct an experiment of reducing copper oxide by hydrogen and an experiment of acid-base neutralization titration. Chemical Experiment Simulation Module can not only display vivid animation, but also provide accurate experimental data. It features strong professionality and easy operation. With the module, you can complete a chemical experiment in a few minutes. Courseware made by it closely associates with chemistry subject and have good interactivity.


The software shows the autonomous and explorative teaching mode. Targeted to chemical teaching, the software closely associates with it. With intelligent simulation computation, the software achieves perfect combination of animation with data. The software is easy to operate with strong interactivity. 

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