Owayboard Interactive Projection Wall


Interactive wall playing is a type of digital entertainment where a large wall or flat surface is transformed into a playable game interface. Oway interactive touch devices  offer unique experiences:


Projection systems: Projectors can be used to cast images and games onto the wall, allowing interaction through:


Oway Laser Infrared Camera Sensors and Laser Emitter FT8 /FT6 System: Players' movements are tracked by sensors, allowing them to control on-screen objects by touching their hands or entire bodies. Cameras capture players' movements and gestures, enabling interactions like:

Virtual musical instruments: Air guitar, drums, or conducting an orchestra.

Interactive storytelling: Players can influence the narrative by their actions.



Interactive wall playing can be enjoyed by individuals or groups, fostering communication, collaboration, and physical activity. It's a versatile technology used in various settings, including:

Children's play areas: Providing engaging and educational entertainment.

Museums and exhibitions: Offering interactive experiences to explore exhibits.

Waiting rooms and public spaces: Creating engaging distractions for visitors.

Retail stores: Providing interactive product demonstrations or advertising.