Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard (IWB) is an advanced interactive electronic equipment, which can be used for education, conference, presentation and many other applications. You could combine it with projector and computer, and operate directly on the whiteboard to achieve the interactive purpose between user and machine.


Interactive information transfer would be processed between whiteboard and computer easily. After combining the whiteboard with PC by USB connection, user could acquire an interactive working or classroom situation through the projection on the whiteboard. By the special software developed by OWAY, user could do any operation on the whiteboard with appropriative pen or even finger instead of the mouse. You can make the computer under control more easily and directly with the help of our products.


Interactive whiteboard (IWB) can be used in the field of education, conference presentation, training, government, military, and other service organizations.


We have 3 kinds of interactive whiteboard (IWB) as finger touch portable iwb, infrared pen touch portable iwb and ultrasonic pen touch wired and wireless iwb.

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