Finger Touch Interactive Module PFM20

Support plenty of gestures recognition.

5s auto calibration Infrared technology. It is much more accuracy and easier to operate than optical technology.

Support 100 points finger touch(100 people can write together, in Windows Paint too)

Laser image calibration technology

Finger touch Module includes two parts: emitter and sensor. Emitter can be attached on flat surface. It emits infrared laser light screen on the surface which is about 1mm thick invisible and parallels with the projection screen surface, 1-2mm above the screen surface. When the finger or any non-transparent object touch this virtual light screen, the light will be reflected and detected by the sensor. Computer will figure out the position of the mouse by accurate calculating the reflected light position.

Pen Touch Interactive Module PIM10

Interactive Module PIM10 using Optical Calibration Technology, presenters can write and fully control the computer on the screen. It can make any kind of projectors interactive. The size can be customized, which enables it to be fit for different projectors. Process for transforming normal projector into interactive projector.

Built-in interactive capabilities included in the projector, not into a white board.

The interactive module eliminates the expense of a dedicated interactive whiteboard and the need to dedicate valuable wall space to just one function.


Working Principle: Infrared image processing position tracking

Active Area: Max 150 inch

Transmission Interface: USB

Applied To: Any material including soft screen and white wall

Aspect Ratio: 4:3,16:9

Communication Distance: 8m USB standard line (Supporting 20m)

Power Consumption:≦ 1w

Response Time: ≦ 25ms(it depends on computer)

Resolution :5000×4000

interactive pen Light Emitted: Infrared

Battery Required: AAA battery x2

Ability to resist the drop of pen: 2 metres

OS Required: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7,8,10, Linux.