Owayboard Laser Guns M6 for Shooting Playing

Owayboard laser guns M6, used for playing shooting games, is typically not a real laser gun that fires an actual laser beam. Instead, it uses infrared technology similar to your TV remote.


Appearance: They come in various colors (blue, yellow, white, orange), often resembling futuristic and military-style weapons. They may be made of plastic  and have features like sights, triggers, and sounds.

Functionality: When you pull the trigger, the gun emits a pulsed infrared signal which is invisible to the naked eye. This signal is picked up by sensors on the vests or targets worn by players.

Safety: The infrared lasers used in these games are completely harmless and emit very low power.

Features: Depending on the model, they may have additional features like:

Sound effects: Simulating gunfire or other noises.

Vibration: To indicate being hit or firing the gun.

Scorekeeping: Keeping track of points through an integrated display or connected device.

Remember, these are not real laser guns and should not be treated as such. They are for safe and fun play in designated areas, following the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines.