Portable Interactive Whiteboard Beam Series WB4700

Free driver for windows OS with powerful education tools software

Oway portable interactive whiteboard WB4700 is an input device, based on computer, and featured with people and computer interaction mode. It includes ultrasonic whiteboard and related software. Ultrasonic whiteboard can test position information written by electronic pen, and transfer this information to computer connected, this place information is integrated with screen picture in computer, it projects to whiteboard via projector, so, a full interactive demonstration is in your eyes .Users can effect a real face to face communication via this whiteboard, can write all kinds of information, such as mark, explanation, picture, modification, sound etc to your electronic document, also can directly arrange your files, pictures, videos, etc, it makes your work life more vivid.
This interactive whiteboard system is mainly used for class demonstration, meeting discussion, report, military training, brainstorming, remote education, video meeting, remote medical consultation meeting, etc . This product had broken the traditional educational mode with blackboard, chalk and eraser. It can realize remote communication via internet, making people around the world talk together in a single room.


Package Contents: Signal Receiver, Electronic pen*2, USB cable, Fixed steel plate, CD.


Operating Requirements: Windows XP, Windows 7, 8,10, Linux, Android

Computer Requirements: 1G or above

Min hard drive space: 300MB


USB Response time 12MS

5 meters USB cable

Power Consumption: 0.4W

Dimension 227mm*43mm*11mm

Weight 200g

Active Area: 1.2x1.8m


Electronic Pen

Battery Required : AA battery x1

Buttons: 2 buttons (with as right and left clicks)

Pen tips can be replaced


Working Temperature:0℃-40℃

Storage Temperature:-20℃-50℃

Working Wet:30%-80%

Storage Wet: 0%-90%

Certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS



Install the device 6meters away from left side of the board, towards to the center of projection area.