Mathematical Laboratory

    Mathematical Laboratory is a general tool software for mathematical teaching and a learning tool for student to explore mathematics. It incorporates basic principles in the mathematical field into model objects, and provides users with free mathematical space. The software includes plane geometry, solid geometry and algebra, suitable for mathematics teaching and learning at the stage of primary schools and middle schools.      
    As for plane geometry, the software has powerful functions in basic construction based on dots, lines and circles. Geometric figures like triangles, polygons, circular arcs, arches and sectors can be constructed via the most basic objects and the principle of geometric construction. Through multi-step geometric construction, the software can be used to draw figures with geometric constraint relationship like a circumcircle and a middle line of a triangle, and a tangent line of a circle, and the geometric constraint relationship is maintained when the figure is changed. The software also offers functions of measurement, being able to measure coordinates, length, angle, slope, perimeter and area of geometric objects and give the value of measurement in a dynamic way.      
    As for algebra, the software can draw figures of explicit functions, parameter equations and polar equations according to expressions input by users. The software also supports variables, which can be regarded as parameters of a function expression. Thus when the parameter of a function is changed, the change of the figure of the function can be observed in a dynamic way.
    As for solid geometry, the software constructs a 3D coordinate system free to rotate and scale via OpenGl. Users can conveniently construct geometric objects like spatial line, plane, prism, pyramid, frustum of a prism, column, cone, frustum of a cone and sphere. The software provides functions of measuring spatial geometric objects as the same as the part of plane geometry.     
    The software shows the autonomous and explorative teaching mode.
    Integrated mathematical laws and principles into its design, the software visualizes abstract mathematics and closely associates with mathematics teaching and learning.
    The software is easy to operate with powerful functions and strong interactivity.

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