A design of cutting-edge technologies and unmatched features, Portable interactive whiteboard WB2100 is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system that transforms any standard dry wipe whiteboard, flat surface or plasma screen into an interactive whiteboard. Its unrivalled feature lies in the unique Optical Position Detecting Technology which requires no signal receiver device to be attached onto the projection screen/surface. A true plug and play solution!


Key Features

1.  Ultra portable and lightweight (only 250 g).

2. Instant plug and play solution – simple USB connection to PC; no device attached to whiteboard/projection surface; no cable between whiteboard/projection surface and PC/signal receiver. Simple and convenient.

3. No battery required for signal receiver. Easy installation in two options-height adjustable tripod and ceiling mount bracket.

4. Supports interactivity on screen of any size up to 150”.

5.   Works perfectly on soft projection screen; no need for standard dry wipe whiteboard.

6. Advanced Optical Position Detecting Technology supports real-time interactivity under any PC applications.

7. Unique triple button interactive Interactive Pen offers powerful interface for “touch screen” control of projected applications as well as smooth and precise writing and annotating capabilities.

8. Pressure recognition feature supports application control via E-Pen tip.

9. Interactive Pen ready for use any time – user-friendly as a mouse or a pen. Annotation tool bar automatically switches on under the pen mode for applying various annotation functions including colour and thickness of lines, clear, save, and virtual keyboard.

10. Interactive Pen functions in both touch-screen mode (with pen tip touching the whiteboard screen) and non-touch mode (with pen tip at a distance of up to 10cm from the whiteboard).

11. Two models of Interactive Pen – interactive writing Pen specially designed for writing and annotating; extendable interactive pointer specially designed for presentation on large interactive screen.

12. Simple and user-friendly Oway software enables annotations and writings to be recorded and replayed stroke by stroke. All annotated applications can be saved for further review, printing, and e-mailing.



Method A. Desktop (mobile) Installation



Method B. Ceiling Mount Installation: