Operate and write on projection screen directly, free from mouse and keyboard
You can operate the computer on the screen directly by stylu E-Pen/pointer E-Pen and easily finish highlighting, marking and annotating on previous documents. The operation on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML pages etc. can be saved in the computer so as to review, print or send to others
by e- mails.


Support projection screen of any size up to an amazing 150inch
With primacy in technology, stylus E-Pen/pointer E-Pen doesn't have any special requirements for projection screen. Regardless of a curtain or ordinary wall, it can be transformed into an interactive whiteboard. Compared with other portable interactive whiteboards currently available in the market, This product is the only existing interactive whiteboard system thatsupports projection screen of any size up to an unrivalled 150inch.


36cm up to 1.2m extendable pointer E-Pen, meet all kinds of demands of teaching
Whiteboard Type: Interactive electronic whiteboard
Operating Principle: Infrared image processing position tracking
Active Area: Max 150inch
Applied To: Any materials, including soft screen and white wall
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9
Communication Interface: Connected to PC by USB
Communication Distance: 5m by the USB standard communication distance
Power Consumption: Less than 1w
Response Time: Less than 25ms (it depends on the computer)
Pointer/stylus E-pen Light Emitted: Infrared
Pointer/stylus E-pen Buttons: 1 button
Pointer E-pen Length: 36cm extendable up to 65cm
Stylus E-pen Trigger Mode: High-sensitivity, omni-directional trigger
Stylus E-pen Trigger Pressure: Less than 30g
Battery Required: Pointer e-pen AA battery, stylus e-pen AAA battery
OS Required: windows 2000/ XP/Vista, Linux, MAC