Main Function
1.write real time: in the meeting or teaching, without the projection, you can record the write content on the common white board in the computer leave out, and display real time via computer screen.
2.mutual control via multimedia: including no ware mouse and no mark write. Write pen replace the mouse completely, realize the full function of the mouse, and can write on the screen on mark, to realize write no dust and no electromagnetism and so on
3.the function to realize mutual act and long distance with many white board: it can realize long distance mutual act teach gather audio、video and electron white board, made the students in two class remote myriad inner to attend class like in the same classroom.
4.redisplay each stroke: it can redisplay the content you write according to the real order.
5.it sustain the screen kinescope、magnify locally and other function
6.it sustain mild keyset, pull screen, flashlight, arrowhead
7.it sustain lightpen, circle select and delete
8.it supply abundant teaching resource function
9.it sustain inserting manifold picture format、standard character object
10.it sustain .shw,.pdf, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .pcx, .html nine document save format.
11.it sustain to select the color of the pen、the width of the line and the background to write random.
12.it sustain page down and page up and mark and modify the content of the ppt in Powerpoint
13.it offer the function to breviary of the write content


Performance Indicators
1.the largest write range: 1.5m×2.0m
2.the track speed of system: bigger than 3m/s。
3.system distinguish rate: 0.3mm
4.system work temperature: 0 ~40℃
5.the persist work time of signal pen: more than 80 hours (3V button batteries)