Unique Features
1. Powerful PowerPoint presentations--write, highlight and flip the pages during PowerPoint slide show mode.
2. Smooth wireless connectivity--2.4GHz RF proprietary communication system to ensure a smooth connection.
3. Supports multi-user mode--configure a whole class interactive solution or group meeting. Control right is switched freely.
4. Standard A4 size writing area--realistic writing space writing on real paper in real ink!
5. Superior positioning precision up to 0.1mm.
6. Onboard operation icons--provides instant access to on-screen shortcuts by touching with the interactive pen.
7. ‘Print to Match’ function--a unique feature that enables users to write on the print out and match to the display easily.
8. Ultra low power consumption--prolong the continuously working time.
9. Whiteboard mode for teaching--a teaching image library is also provided to prepare teaching content easily.
10. Ultra portable and lightweight (200g with batteries).