Portable Interactive Whiteboard

portable interactive whiteboards for e-learning and ICT

Portable Interactive Whiteboard WB3100 


Turns your wall or whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.

This Oway interactive whiteboard system turns any standard whiteboard, flat surface (such as a wall) or projection screen into an interactive whiteboard. It supports interactivity on screen of any size up to amazing 150”.It doesn’t require signal receiver or device to be attached onto the projection screen surface making it fully portable between classrooms. 


Multi-user writting support.

Support two users writting in the whiteboard at the same time!


A true plug and play solution!

Its unrivalled feature lies in the unique Optical Position Detecting Technology which requires no signal receiver device to be attached onto the projection screen/surface. 


Powerful, high definition and superior stability

Oway portable interactive whiteboard WB3100 is designed to deliver superb agility and reliability in interactive writing on all types of projection screen.The supplied SmartPointer software records every pen stroke you make on your board, so you don’t lose any of your important ideas. Easily and securely broadcast your whiteboard notes over the Internet in realtime to anyone.  


Portable Interactive Whiteboard system WB3100 is a positioning system based on the optical technology which adopts the latest patent technology to develop. Using  interactive whiteboard system WB3100, you can more easily and more convenient  operate projectors and computer systems, and obtain better effects of speech and presentation.Turning the curtain to high-precision touch screen using. Using this Oway portable interactive whiteboard system, speakers can operate directly on the computer screen, which is more direct viewing and quick than any mouse. Whether you write and mark in the curtain or need to preserve and playback, speakers can easily realize using Oway portable interactive whiteboard WB3100, It has more powerful  function and more cost-effective than using any other existing whiteboard.Prossessing Oway portable interactive whiteboard WB3100, not only have more powerful function than a simple mouse, touch screen and electronic whiteboard, more important, has more and more natural opportunities for interpersonal communication in classrooms and demonstrations.