Key features

It bases on the digital image recognition technology

1. It uses the original world's only short focal length of the optical signal acceptance system, the distance from the lens of the receiving box to the board is less than 65cm, which breakthroughs technology limitations and solves the problem of blocking the signal products fundamentally. Very precise positioning, tracking a very high accuracy, ultra-fast response time, in written, comprehensive performance is much better than ordinary interactive whiteboard.

2.  As a result of the use of optical recognition technology and positioning itself not related to body panels, the size of the white board size will no longer be technical problems, Different display mode can automatically adapt easily, even more unusual is that users purchase a certain size of the whiteboard, also in the future according to their needs, easy to upgrade the greater size, which   any other traditional white board technology can not achieve.

3.  Unique compatibility. Because of the special technology, WM-WB photovoltaic technology can be perfectly compatible with the cast carriers such as the white board, projection screen, flat-panel TVs, plasma and LCD TV, and so on . The users buy one the WM-WB ,without increasing the other facilities, meanwhile it can be applied to other carrier medium, and even ordinary wall.  However the interactive function is exactly the same. It means one machine can be used in many parts ,it’s flexibility endues the users to DIYI by themselves, which satisfies the users to a great extent , and the other whiteboard technology can’t achieve this.

4.  Optical signal receiving system uses a USB line to connect computer, it’s  simple to get installation ,and it doesn’t have the special requirements for the Environment.

5.  Photoelectric pen is designed by the whole pressure , which has hard written and can be fluent in writing in any point of view. It supports software hot zone and hardware shortcut and makes drag, zoom and other operations convenient. Also it can be equipped with e - pointer to satisfy the users’ different requirements.

6.  Whiteboard itself doesn't need any electronic components,  protecting environment and saving energy.

7.  White board selects the material that holds the patented technology, glare-free, wear-resistant, focusing accurate, excellent projection results. Ivory white sheet guarantee the eyes not to suffer from fatigue for a long time , it has high surface hardness, and we don’t need worry about the scratch. photo-pen causes almost no wear and tear on the board.

8.  We can write freely using the mating pen, it’s water solvent , dust-free, odor-free, non-polluting non-toxic, non-electromagnetic radiation, easy to write and rub .Because the water pen can be used ,even if a sudden power failure, teachers can continue writing on the blackboard in class.

9. All the quality and the performance of the hardware is stable and reliable, without the aging problem, as life itself depends on the plank stuff life, so it’s much higher than ordinary whiteboard, and it’s easy to install and maintain .


System requirements
1. hardware requirement
CPU :based on X86 processor , above pentium166
Memory:64 MB RAM(recommend 128 MB RAM)
Hardware: free space
2. software requirements
98/2000/XP/2003/vista/win7 operating system
3. natural environment
Should avoid the sunshine or other strong projectivity light, especially you shouldn't make a direct projection to screen; you can't block the light path from the pen tip to the signal receiver .Generally, you should't block the light of the projector.